Affordable Kitchen Remodel

posted May 03 2017

Remodeling Your Kitchen at an Affordable Price

If you want to enjoy your home as fully as possible, you need a high-quality kitchen. Unfortunately, remodeling a kitchen can be a very expensive and time-consuming process, making it difficult for many homeowners to build the kitchen of their dreams. However, if you have the right plan in place, you can actually affordably remodel your kitchen with the features that you need and deserve.

Here are a few tips from our remodeling roadmap for planning a kitchen remodel on a budget that will help you overhaul your kitchen without having to break the bank.

remodeling roadmap

Paint Instead of Replace

Cabinets are one of the most important features that you can have in your kitchen, providing ample storage space and serving as a centerpiece for your kitchen’s appearance. While your kitchen needs high-quality cabinets, they can be pricey, blowing a hole in your remodeling budget.

If you’re trying to remodel your kitchen while saving money, a good idea is to repaint your cabinets instead of replacing them. When you add a new coat of paint to your cabinets, you can give them a completely new look at a fraction of what you would pay to replace them. If you change out the hardware in addition to painting your cabinets a new color, you can make it look like you’ve installed brand new cabinets in your kitchen.

Narrow the Scope of Your Project

One of the reasons that kitchen remodeling projects cost so much money is that homeowners plan for extensive renovation instead of making just a few small tweaks. For example, if you decide to gut your old kitchen so that you can build an entirely new layout, you can expect to pay thousands more than you would for a minor remodel.

The best way to remodel your kitchen at an affordable price is to narrow the scope of your project. By keeping the same basic layout of your kitchen while making a few small adjustments, you can make the room feel brand new without spending a large amount of money.

Deal Hunt

The biggest expense in a kitchen remodeling project is the cost of materials. While you want to make sure you’re using high-quality products, these items can take up a large chunk of your remodeling budget. To make sure that you get the materials you need, it’s important that you search for deals before making a purchase.

In addition to looking for reclaimed items, you can ask your kitchen remodeling vendor if they offer any deals or specials. Taking advantage of these offers can help reduce your material costs and lower the final price tag of your kitchen remodel.

Get Help with Your Budget Kitchen Remodel

As you can see, your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t have to be overly expensive, particularly if you have the right strategy. If you need help planning your kitchen remodel on a budget, then your best resource is the Remodeling Expo Center.

Remodeling Expo Center is proud to work with customers throughout Atlanta, and we can help you with your kitchen remodeling project. You can get design and material ideas at our design center, and arrange in-home installation once you’ve decided on the perfect items for your new kitchen look. Contact us today to get started!

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