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posted Jan 15 2017

Kitchen Design Elements & Ideas

The case for using a designerpicking out backsplashes

When you look at kitchens and bathrooms in magazines, or displays in a showroom, what makes one stand out more than another? It is often the details. Details like hardware, backsplash, faucet style, can take even generic-looking cabinetry and make it look like a custom kitchen. These details can also take a dated kitchen, to a more current look. Think about a kitchen that has polished brass knobs and pulls and wallpaper with border on the walls. Did it make you think, wow that kitchen is stuck in the 80s? These details are things that don’t always occur to you when you embark on a remodeling project. And knowing what color, size, and shape of knob go best with the cabinet door you just chose, can seem overwhelming. That’s where a professional kitchen and bath designer can come in.

Yes, you may LOVE that tile that you saw for the backsplash with the color of your cabinet, but will it be too busy with the granite you just picked out? They can not only guide you in your choices but know what details you will need to consider. They will be able to tell you what finishes are trending, what finishes are timeless. What tile you didn’t notice that will give you a similar look, without being too busy with your countertop. What type of faucet will look good, and function best for your specific needs? Should you do undercabinet lighting, recessed lights, pendant lights, or a mixture of them all? Details like this can give your new kitchen that extra wow factor.  So, don’t be afraid to ask for help and get a professional opinion.

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