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posted Jul 11 2017

The Best Time For Home Improvements

You’re tired of the way your house looks and are ready to make some upgrades—it’s finally time to create your Georgia dream home! Say hello to your huge walk-in closet, granite countertop kitchens, beautiful new cabinets, or that huge bathtub jacuzzi. Whatever it is that you are determined to do—it’s yours. You can do it. But, have you ever considered what time of the year is best for completing home improvements?

The best time for home remodeling will depend on your schedule and what part of the house you are working on.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, especially if you are buying new, top-notch appliances in Atlanta. To save you time and money, research and plan beforehand to help you know exactly what you want. Most people will want their remodeled kitchens ready for the holidays, so September-mid-November is a busy time of year for contractors. If you won’t have family over for end-of-year celebrations, December may be a great time to renovate your kitchen because contractors will have a more available schedule.

Another option for kitchen remodeling is in the summer while you’re on vacation. This is super helpful if you spend a lot of time cooking. Think about your schedule and when it would be less stressful to live without a kitchen. You will probably be eating a lot of microwave meals or going out to eat, unless you live somewhere else at the time, like on a summer vacation.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling works best to remodel one at a time. This leaves one bathroom usable while the other is getting fixed. During cold winter months, your pipes may freeze or burst, causing a huge mess. If you have kids, the best time to remodel a bathroom is summer, when they are out of school. Renovating during school months will disrupt your kids’ shower and night-time schedules, making them unhappy campers.

If you don’t have kids, you can remodel your bathroom during the spring or fall, when contractors are less busy. Remodeling in these seasons instead of summer will help keep your house cool, as contractors are constantly opening doors to carry materials inside and outside. Like kitchen renovating, you can remodel your bathrooms when you are on a vacation, so you won’t run into any obstacles.

Basement & Bedroom Remodeling

The best time for other home renovations will depend mostly on your preferences and your schedule. A basement renovation will depend on what you currently use your basement for, and how it will affect your schedule without it. If you use your basement for storage and must move everything out for renovations, make sure you have somewhere to store everything. The fall would be a perfect time, when the weather is comfortable and dry. If you use your basement for a garage, you will not want to remodel during spring, because your cars will be coated in pollen if you leave them outside.

If your kids’ bedrooms are in the basement, the summer would be a good time to remodel, so you aren’t disrupting their daily school routine. The same idea applies to remodeling children’s bedrooms in general—do it in the summer so you aren’t interrupting their schedules. If you are remodeling a guest bedroom, you will want to do it during a time you aren’t expecting guests—maybe during February or March after the holidays.

Remodeling Considerations

Remodeling your home is a serious investment, and it takes a lot of research, preparation, and planning. Think about your schedule and what exactly you want renovated. Try to remodel your home at a time that will interrupt your daily schedule the least. Of course, there will be pros and cons to remodeling in each season. As some say, “the best time to remodel your home is any time of the year, if you’re ready to do it.” Contact the Atlanta kitchen and bath experts at Remodeling Expo Center today to see what services we offer and how we can help your home remodeling project. 888-864-3976

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