Creating a Dream Bathroom

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posted Apr 25 2018

The Official Guide On How To Create The Ultimate Dream Bathroom

Creating a Dream Bathroom

Today, the bathroom has become one of the most frequently redesigned and updated rooms in the house. And for good reason. Perhaps no other space in the home has the power to relax or rejuvenate in such a short time as an upgraded bathroom. Who doesn’t want access to a beautiful space that will make the worries of the day melt away? Bottom line: High-end bathrooms are a hot trend and growing hotter all the time.

Here are 7 bathroom design ideas to make your space luxurious:

1. Update the walls.

Nothing can change the look of a room like updated walls. Is your bathroom dark or outdated? Are you tired of the color or material? Consider freshening things up with white paint, light marble, or a wall of cobalt blue tiles. White and off-white remain the most popular choices for high-end bathrooms. Why?–They bring calm to the space and invite light into the room.

Bathroom Lighting2. Improve the lighting.

Speaking of light, bathroom lighting can make or break the ultimate bathroom. The right lighting will make the space feel bigger. Consider using soft, filtered lighting or–if you really want the ultimate bathroom–hire a remodeling expert to add a skylight above your tub. Another great choice is mood lighting, which can make the bathroom feel more like a spa. If your windows are high and private enough, consider removing window treatments and leaving them bare. Hanging lights in front of your mirrors (instead of over them) instantly doubles the amount of light in the room. Note: Unless you’re especially savvy with electrical work, it’s a good idea to leave electrical projects to the professionals.

3. Fix the flooring.

Work with experts to decide which flooring works best for your space, keeping in mind that natural materials are often best. Consider river rock, teak, or granite. Another option?–luxurious marble. It’s beautiful, bright, and easy to clean.

Bonus: Ask your design team to seal the marble so it won’t get slippery. One of the greatest trends to reach the twenty-first century is heating flooring. All the newest bathrooms seem to have it. It can make all the difference on a cold day, and it will leave your guests talking about your bathroom for years to come.

Quick note: If you invest in good, natural flooring, it is unlikely you’ll ever need to replace it. Also, it is unlikely it will ever go out of style.

4. Review the focal point.

Just as is the case when designing any other room in the house, the focal point matters. Where does your eye travel first when you enter the room? Aesthetic appeal is critical to designing the ultimate bathroom. Consider designing a separate bath and shower space. Freestanding tubs offer beautiful, dramatic appeal. Work with your designer to create storage space that is functional and attractive (and will creatively hide your stuff).

Hint: When it comes to creating high-end bathrooms, “space” is the winning ingredient. The eye (and the soul!) appreciate space.

5. Rethink the fixtures.

Nothing can take a high-end bathroom from wow! to what? like cheap fixtures. Don’t spend your budget on beautiful floors and furnishings and overlook the fixtures. Elegant faucets or rainwater shower heads are simple but stunning additions. Full-length mirrors are nice additions. Chrome, glass, and gold are always good finishing touches.

Bathroom Remodel6. Replace the furnishings.

With spa tubs and steam showers, the sky is literally the limit. Work with your design team to install body jets or build a walk-in shower. Have professionals build custom cabinetry to fit your needs and blend seamlessly in your space. Focus on quality, comfort, and style. Did you know remote control toilets are a thing?

7. Consider the details.

Designers of high-end bathrooms have one important thing figured out: It’s all in the details. Add a heated towel rail, for instance, or build a fireplace. Invest in concealed speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs while enjoying a much-needed soak. Add arches, a chandelier, or built-in shelving. Think of the best spas or bathrooms you have ever seen or visited. What did you love most about them? Incorporate those ideas into your dream bathroom. Whatever your idea of luxury is, you can create it with attention to detail.

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