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posted Sep 14 2017

5 Resources To Get Your Next Remodeling Inspiration

It’s time for a remodel! Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen, basement, or even your entire house, how do you know where to start? Remodeling can feel like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Whether you’re new to the redesign game or you’ve got very specific ideas about exactly what you want your new room(s) to look like, you need help. Here are five amazing resources to help get your design juices flowing:

  1. Visit a Design Showroom
    Odds are, there’s a great design center for remodeling in your immediate area. In the greater Atlanta area, the Remodeling Expo Center serves as an inspiration hotspot for homeowners, decorators, and developers. At a design showroom you’ll likely be able to touch and view hundreds of samples you can eventually use in your home, from tile to cabinetry to flooring. It’s the best way to maximize your options without spending months searching every store in town.
  2. Work with a Designer
    Professional remodeling design is less expensive than you think! Designers today have many digital tools that make the process more efficient and thus, less costly, than it was just a decade ago. Certified designers can offer a lot of objective advice on everything from layout to finishes, and it’s always helpful to talk to someone who’s not emotionally invested in the space. Some designers even use technology to allow you to “preview” the finished spaces digitally before you install them.
  3. Browse Design Magazines
    Did you know there are dozens of home design magazines published every month? There’s one for every taste and style, from traditional to modern, and offering suggestions in every price point. Spend an afternoon at a big box bookstore browsing their selection of magazines to see what catches your eye, and don’t forget not to judge a ‘zine by its cover! Flip through a few pages to get a feel for the overall vibe and decide whether you want to take an issue home.
  4. Check Pinterest
    Pinterest is one of the best sites for cataloging your remodel design preferences. It’s simple to “pin” your favorite design choices to boards you create yourself. You can have a board for each room or be super-specific and even create boards for certain design choices such as “Tile” or “Paint Colors.” You can pin an image from any other site like or onto one of your Pinterest boards to revisit later.
  5. Visit Friends’ Homes
    The best way to determine what you want in a remodel is to see renovations in real life! Visit friends who have had renovations done and try to remember what you like and dislike. Is that molding too busy for the ceiling? Does that backsplash really help set off the color scheme? Make notes and take pictures (if your friends agree!) and don’t hesitate to ask about specific brands, styles, and even about the installation process.

The Remodeling Expo Center sets the standard for kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling in Atlanta. Offering incredible design service, consultation, and installation from Sandy Springs to Alpharetta and beyond, our team of experts is ready to make your dream a reality.

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